Rocky Horror Picture Show – My collection & obsession

Rocky Horror Picture Show – My collection & obsession

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I was about 14 when I first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1999. It was a school night and whatever I was watching on TV had finished. Then I heard “And next it’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. What’s this? Horror? Sounds great! I had never heard of it, and asked my mum if I could stay up and watch it.

She said I could, but said it was not a horror film (knowing I was well in to my love of horror by this point!) but, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

For couple of hours I sat and watched as two straight laced, innocent, prudish, ‘squares’ end up in an alien castle of saucy happenings, sweet transvestites and sexual shenanigans. Along with a large offering of fabulous songs it doesn’t take too long before they get thoroughly stuck in themselves. I also find out there’s more than meets the eye from the guy from The Crystal Maze!

I enjoyed what I watched, but kept wondering “was it weird to say that I liked that?” or not. The next day at school one of my friends said “I saw this film last night it was a musical about transvestites..” and before she could say anymore I interrupted with “OOHH I saw that too! It was great!“.

No one else saw it, or heard of it. In fact, we got some strange looks when we were discussing it, but was something that we were both thrilled to have seen and loved it. We had the videos and watched them over and over.

“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure..”

What enticed me in to the world of the Rocky Horror Picture Show was because it was different. It wasn’t littered with ‘perfect’ looking people, it was odd, it accepted individuality and it was just cheeky fun.

I had known of Tim Curry from (also obsessively) watching IT about 4 years earlier. After watching all 3 hours of it around a friend’s house I was initially scared to walk home. This stirred some conflict in me when I saw how good he looked in Rocky Horror Picture Show. That conflict grew to a huge love and appreciation of how much a marvellous person and actor Tim Curry actually is. I soon welcomed the fact I found him hot in RHPS 😉

Fast forward many years, I’m buying lots of merchandise. I think at one point I had about 5 copies of RHPS on blu ray, DVD and VHS! Then I start to watch Shock Treatment (It’s an equal not a sequel!) . I was never fussed to watch this before but had to watch it at some point as it had Rik Mayall in. Note: There will be a long, blog/vlog on him at some point..actually it will likely be a multi-parter!

As I had the ‘lips box set’ which came with Shock Treatment I decided one day to put it on. It took about a few viewings to get used to a no-Susan-Sarandon-Janet and no-Barry-Bostwick-Brad. The more I watched it, though, the more I grew to love it. And, boy did I watch it!

“You’re lucky, he’s lucky, I’m lucky, we’re all lucky…”

And then, on 13th May 2012, I went to The Greatest Show in the Galaxy convention in Peterborough.

Out of everyone who was there, out of everyone who I’ve met at the conventions over the years. I was most excited as on this day I was going to meet Patricia Quinn, Magenta herself!!

I don’t think I have smiled so much as I did when I handed her the top of my limited edition RHPS Lips box set. She asked my what edition number it was, said that she has number 1. I also said that loved Shock Treatment just as much as RHPS these days which thoroughly impressed her. Then, I braved it and ask for a photo. She came round the front of the desk and put her arm around me while Matt (my partner) took the picture.

Without a shadow of a doubt Patricia Quinn is the loveliest person and was such a pleasure to meet. Really was such a special occasion and one of the highlights of my convention attending. I hope one day I get to meet any other member of RHPS or Shock Treatment. It would be a dream come true!

“If there’s one fool for you, then I am it..”

And that photo sits on a dedicated shelf along side 2 X Shock Treatment blu rays, Anniversary CD box set, the signed Lips box set and a Spectrum game (which I’ve never played, I need to acquire a Spectrum first!)

And here ends the story of my 20 year love for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A movie which has been a pinnacle part of numerous friendships of mine and I will continue to watch, love and (badly) sing and dance along to to every song, whether it’s with a drink in my hand at 11pm on a Saturday night, or I’m listening on the train to work at 7.30 on a crappy Thursday Morning for the next 20 years and then some!

I’ll leave you with a one of my favourite RHPS quotes from one of my favourite RHPS songs:

You can order this poster from The Home of Happiness website

Peace, love, & geek stuff,

Ray X

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