How to : sign up to Pure Gym and use a treadmill

How to : sign up to Pure Gym and use a treadmill

For anyone who has anxiety doing something new can be so stressful. Many times the unknown will mean you won’t actually do it.

So, from one anxiety ridden, unconfident person to another here is is my ‘How to sign up to Pure Gym and use a treadmill’ guide.

My guide for the anxious does what it says on the tin. I am not a professional & I will not be advising on work out plans. I’m just here to help you sign up, get in the door and using a machine.

Step 1 – sign up

This can be done online on the Pure gym site here. Fill in your usual form required details, then you will receive an email and text with confirmation and your access code.

Step 2 – download the app

Go to Google play or Apple store and download the “Pure gym” app and log in.
Set it up for your purpose of going to the gym, so your app will be a bit more tailored for you.

Here there are options to view work outs at home and at the gym, book classes (it shows you how many spaces and times are available) and for me, the most important bit is the “Your Gym” section.

This gives you an overview of busiest times of the day and also a live capacity number. So you know how many people are in there at the moment.

Step 3 – Go to Pure Gym

What to wear

Don’t get caught up in having to buy new expensive gym clothes. The important thing is you have suitable footwear (don’t go running in any ol’ trainers), sports bra if necessary and whatever else you feel comfortable with.

I wear tshirts, usually with some kind of horror film logo and big shorts. All stuff I had before.

The more you go you may want to have dedicated shorts and tops but it isn’t a fashion contest. Everyone there will be sweaty so just wear what’s comfortable not what you think makes you look “the part”.

Checking capacity levels

As mentioned before, my favourite part of the app is the bit when it tells you how many people are currently in the gym. For me I don’t go unless it’s under 15 people. I am still figuring out regular times and days but Wednesdays after 9pm looks good.

How to get in

There are an initial set of doors which automatically open most of the day. If you go after 10pm (I think) you will need to type in your unique membership number to open these doors.

This can be found on the app, but would have also been emailed and text to you upon sign up.

Once in these doors you will need to either type your membership number again, or scan the QR code, from the app, to get through the security barriers.

Et voila. You are in the gym.

Step 4 – using a treadmill

There are about 10 treadmills in Stowmarket’s Pure Gym. Stand on one and you will see this:

Let me break it down a little for you.

This is some of the basic options that you wil need to know to get going.

The orange buttons on the handles do the same as the orange + and – buttons on the unit. On the left it controls the incline – if you want to make it a bit “hilly” – and on the right it controls the speed.

I don’t bother with the incline, just the speed. It starts off slow enough and you just press plus to speed it up as much as you want.

A closer look at the unit shows the display screen that you’ll see straight away which says “Press Go..” so if you press the big green “Go” Button this will start the treadmill moving. It starts very slow so you won’t need to worry about reinacting Renton at the beginning of Trainspotting 2 and falling flat on your face.

The + and – in white in the centre controls how long you want to keep going for. It is automatically set for 25 minutes, once this time is met it will slow down gradually over 5 minutes for a cool down. You can increase or decrease this with these controls. Or you can just slow down yourself with the previously mentioned speed controls.

A further closer look shows the displays once you’ve started.

On the far left is your heart rate, it can measure this by holding on to the handles as seen in the first image, with the incline and speed controls on. I don’t usually bother with this.

Next you can press the button to select if you want to view your distance in miles, Km, pace or Average Pace.

The third option you can select is time elapsed, remaining, total program time and clock

And finally the last options are for calories, speed, calories / hour and Watts.

Whether you have used the automatic cool down timer or have done it manually pressing the red “Stop” button will abruptly stop the machine so make sure to not do it while you’ve got some speed going on.


At the moment there are cleaning stations around the gym which are to be used after you’ve finished on the machine. Just get some paper towels and spray them with the cleaning spray and then wipe down your machine and pop the towels in the bin.

How long this will remain in place I’m not sure but I would expect a while.

Changing rooms and lockers

At the back of the gym there are changing rooms, showers and lockers which you can use. However I don’t live far away so I just head there already in my gym clothes and then leave to shower and change at home.


As per when you entered you will need to scan your QR code or membership number to leave

Step 5 – Celebrate your achievements

This is a message I sent to Taylor, my personal trainer from a couple of years ago, who was the first person to get me in a gym. It was Pure Gym in Ipswich so I knew when one opened in Stowmarket it would be much of the same and that I could do it. I also knew that she would have probably never expected to receive this message from me saying I’m in a gym again, let alone by myself.

This is considering when she used to train me she used to meet me at the door because of my lack of confidence.

You can see my Instagram post about my first solo gym visit here.

I’ve been 4 times since and it hasn’t been without its ups and downs. I nearly sacked it off completely after going when it was busier than I anticipated and had a couple of panics.

You can read more on this and how I managed to over come it here.

My solo gym visits haven’t even his double figures yet. However, I know that these kind of instructions are helpful to me, so I hope they are of help to someone else too.

I would also like to point out that I am not trying to lose weight to get to a certain size or weight. I just want to feel a bit more comfortable within myself.

Anxiety and depression is something I struggle a lot with and physical health does help mental health. So I hope that it will help me mentally too.

I think it’s important to recognise that not everyone needs or wants to go to the gym and that’s 100% fine. But those who do for whatever their own reasons may be, may struggle if they have anxiety.

Anyone can feel free to send me a message if they are feeling nervous about going. I can assure you that if I am able to go you really do have it in you to do it too.

My final pieces of advice are to not push yourself, don’t feel like you have to do everything. I am just sticking to the treadmill for the time being. Even then I will sometimes just walk rather than run.

Don’t be afraid of being red faced and sweaty in there either. It’s a gym. Everyone will be the same.

Love, Ray X

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comments user

Hi Ray,

We’ll done you, a great achievement! A great read and such a helpful resource for those in similar situations.

I go to PureGym in Stowmarket as well. I’m male, I’m my mid 30s and, you wouldn’t know to look at me but I have struggled with sever social anxiety all my life. On Wednesday when the gym opened I forced myself to sit on the middle bench surrounded by guys and do my sets. On the outside, calm and collected. On the inside, high anxiety.

I’ve learnt to challenge my anxiety as you have, and it will not beat me. I’ve also learnt to be kind to others, always. You never know what someone is going through.

Good luck and take care,

    comments user

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experience too. That’s amazing, well done! I’m so glad you went and have felt comfortable going.

    Social anxiety really is hard to tell in other people and I’m sure there are more people there with anxiety than us two.

    Keep going and good work

    Ray x

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