Game review: Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

Game review: Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

Released: 17th July 2018
Bought: 3rd Jan 2021
Played on: Nintendo Switch
Price: £7.49 in Nintendo e-shop sale
Normal price: £24.99
Time played: 5+ hours
Style: RPG / Adventure

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

Play as Finn and Jake, and later as BMO and Marceline in Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, to discover why Ooo is flooded and surrounded by pirates and how to sort it out. You start out on a boat and go around the different kingdoms locating other Adventure Time characters and royalty interrogating them, fighting them and helping them out with quests and missions.

Gamplay pros

The RPG side of it was fun. Smash objects and fight others to get more coins to build up your stats and level up. The coins are pretty easy to obtain as the objects respawn each time you finish a fight / interrogation, and believe me there are plenty of fights to be had, should you so wish for them.

There is a lot of too-ing and fro-ing between the different kingdoms, which makes it interesting and as you would expect, the controls are very basic and simple to grasp.

I love the TV show, so playing Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion was cool to play while I chilled out in the evening with TV on in the background.

I found playing with the volume low and said TV on in the background fine on the whole as all conversations had subtitles, so was easy to follow what was going on (in game that is, not on TV!). However, I realised at one point that mid game play chit chat can occur between your characters, which give hints about what to do next, without subtitles. It would have made a few bits a bit easier to do had I likely heard this. But hey, wasn’t the most complicated of puzzles to solve, I got there anyway!

Gameplay cons

The game itself can be somewhat glitchy. It stuttered quite a lot and also froze on a number of times too. The camera angles can be a bit awkward too. Even though the right joystick can do a full 360 on the camera angles, I sometimes found my character in a corner / behind some trees and no matter which way I tried to view it was just black so I had to try moving out more in to the open before I could see where I was going.

The load screen. This takes a good minute or so. Which is a really long time when you’re just sitting there waiting for a not very complicated 2d game to load. This was tiresome.

Side quests

Aside from the main mission, there are side quests to beat the Kraken, destroy pirate ships and various other ones set by Adventure Time characters along the way.

I started to do a couple, but decided I would concentrate on the main mission of trying to get to the bottom of the Ooo flooding mystery first before doing any other side quests.

However, once I got to the end of the game, I lost interest in going back around all the kingdoms for Gunter, penguins or lost candy kids. I ended up with a few on my boat and not sure how to get them off.

By this point I couldn’t really be bothered to put effort in to figuring it out and decided to finish the game.

Out of the 3 possible special moves each for Finn, Jake. BMO and Marceline, I only had 1 for each. You had to complete side quests to get the others, which I didn’t do throughout the game and found it pointless to really do once the game was over.

The good thing is, because you can’t do the side quests once you’ve done the very last part of the main mission, it does tell you when you get to this stage and ask if you want to continue or end the game. This is good for anyone wanting to do any last bits and pieces.

Final thoughts

Overall I thought it was alright. It was fine. I enjoyed pratting about a bit, I liked the fighting and interrogations and I didn’t mind that I paid £7.49 for it. However, the glitches were a bit annoying, and I feel it could have had a little something else to make me want to go back and play it again, or to complete the side quests. I wouldn’t pay the £24.99 that is is currently, and would have been annoyed if I had paid much over £10 for it.

I also wasn’t able to capture any video clips as it says ‘Videos cannot be captured for this software’.

I would rate Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion 5.5* / 10

*Extra 0.5 bonus for the Jaws reference at the beginning

Have you played it? What do you think?

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Detailed and well written blog that answered all the vital questions i had about this game.

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    Thanks Craig 🙂 and thanks for reading it too xx

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