Cards of Kindness

Back in September ’19 and following a bout of a few days off work with my depression, I posted this in a geeky group on Facebook. I introduced myself and my experience with mental illnesses.

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing support network of friends and family and I wanted to extend my enjoyment of doing random acts of kindness to anyone I don’t know, who may not have such a positive group of friends surrounding them and who may need that little pick-me-up.

Turns out there were nearly 30 people who contacted me asking if I could send them a little card in the post. Some people wanted me to send it to their friends and family to let them know they are being thought of, others needed that positivity themselves.

I sent cards to UK, USA and Australia and felt really good for sending them out, and also received some lovely responses back thanking me for sending them.

This is an open offer for anyone who wants a little something in the post to say ‘YOU ROCK’ and ‘YOU’RE AMAZING‘ – If this interests you please do send me an email to

If anyone has already received one of these from me and liked it and I’d love to hear from you with a testimonial I can put on here as to show others than I am genuine with my request.

Thank you all, and stay safe

Love, Ray X