Alternative geeky exercises to try

Alternative geeky exercises to try

If you’re like me you find exercising and work outs in general pretty hateful and full of dread, and procrastination. BLEUGH! But, alas, hold up, woah there and worry thee not! I have found some ways to make them more interesting, bearable and dare I say!

These geeky exercise examples are ones I have tried and I currently do, and I’d like to share them with you.

Virtual Races

One of the things that I found helped motivate me to exercise is virtual races. This sounds quite scary, but ignore the word ‘race’. There are medals for every distance and you don’t have to run, you can walk, swim or exercise bike etc.

I tend to chose my challenge by which medal I want the most.

If you google virtual races you will find a lot of options, but four of the ones I have used in the past are:

Race the distance
Race the distance have a range of medals and distances that can be undertaken at any time throughout the year, until the medals sell out.
Medal mad
Medal mad have a large range of monthly specific medals, and challenge specific and bundle offers.
POW Virtual running
POW virtual running have monthly specific medals, meaning you can only get those medals within that month. As you scroll down though there are other ones which are available all year round.
MyRace have a good range of medals that can be done at any time throughout the year and also a percentage of the cost of each medal goes to charity.

Below are my medals that I have received previously.


TV & Exercise bike

The current way I have a geeky exercise routine is on the exercise bike. I have a specific show I only watch when I’m on the exercise bike. A couple of years ago it was Rick and Morty.

This time though, this time I have gone back to 1997 and I’m watching the Pokemon TV show from the S01E01.

As much as I talk about Pokemon Go, you’d think I was a die hard, lifelong fan of Pokemon. We’ll you’d be wrong. Pokemon Go was the first Pokemon game I ever played, and Detective Pikachu was the first Pokemon thing (movie or TV show) I ever watched.

There is a cheeky little app called Pokemon TV, which has every episode on.

Image of Pokemon TV Show - what I watch when I do my geeky exercises

So, I get on the exercise bike and watch a 20-25 minute episode. Afterwards I text my friend, Steph, who IS a life long, die hard Pokemon fan all the things I’ve learnt from that episode. It often ends in me declaring I’ve been pronouncing one of their names wrong.

I won’t go in to too much details, as I am going to do a blog on my Season 1 catch up when I’ve finished it.

Back on track to geeky exercise though, I had to work my way up to a full episode, as after many months of not going on the exercise bike you get a numb bum for sure. But after a few sessions of 10 mins, then 15, I’m up to a full episode and then I round it off up to 25 minutes if need be.

I also used to watch Adventure Time as these episodes are only 10(ish) minutes long, but they don’t seem as available if you don’t already have the DVDS..I wish they were on Netflix.


For a lot of people walking can be the most convenient and suitable way to keep fit. Going to or from work, the shop, school run, your friends or even the pub are trips we often have to make.

So, to be able to incorporate some extra walking in these activities would be beneficial without necessarily having to put extra time aside, or go somewhere specific.

One of my problems is, I get bored walking – it’s pretty dull.

That is why Pokemon Go works so well for me. If it wasn’t for this game I wouldn’t have walked anywhere near the 13k steps I did last Sunday. In all honesty if I had done 1k steps that day it would have been a miracle, so 13k really was impressive, I think.

If you’re not a Pokemon fan, there is also the Harry Potter game by Niantic too. I downloaded it when it first became available, but quickly decided that I wouldn’t be able to cope with both HP and PoGo on my phone at the same time. I hear good things about it though.

Another option which I haven’t yet tried, but I have now downloaded it is Zombie Run.

From what I gather you can listen to your own playlist and you have to out run the zombies that you hear getting closer.

There are different missions and stories to take part in. Like I say, I haven’t tried it yet but I want to give it a go, it sounds fun!

Having a great soundtrack

Speaking of your own playlist, whether you’re running, having a work out, on an exercise bike or walking all of these activities can be made in to geeky exercises with the right soundtrack.

Create an upbeat playlist just for your work outs and exercising. There are some great songs out there to exercise too.

I often find myself doing exercises to ska/punk/rock music but below I have given 10 suggestions of upbeat songs I love with geeky links, to help get you going.

The links will take you to Spotify.

Jump in Line – Harry Belefonte [Beetlejuice]
Never Ending Story – Gatten Matarazzo & Gabriella Pizzolo [Stranger Things]
Making Christmas – Rise Against [Nightmare Before Christmas – Revisited]
Superman – Goldfinger [Tony Hawk Pro Skater]
Good Times – INXS [The Lost Boys]
Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry [Back to the Future]
Weird Science – Oingo Boingo [Weird Science]
Mr Blue Sky – ELO [Guardians of the Galaxy 2]
Jeepster – T rex [Death Proof]
Hip to be square – Huey Lewis and the news [American Psycho]

Other suggestions

What are geeky exercises without geeky merchandise? Be loud and proud with your fandoms, get those geeky tshirts, hats, bandanas or leggings out.

When I did the Brighton Marathon in 2019, I was raising money for the cats protection. I had also just binged watched all of Game of Thrones for the first time, and if that wasn’t enough, the marathon was on the day that season 8 episode 1 aired.

So obviously, I wore my ‘mother of cats‘ tshirt – accompanied by some very subtle shorts of a cat, riding a shark, throwing up a rainbow.

My mother of cats tshirt that I wore when I did the Brighton Marathon - to keep inline with geeky exercises

I think 100% of my tshirts are some kind of music/movie/TV show /podcast merchandise. This means whenever I used to go to the gym, or ride my exercise bike, or go out for a run, I was representing some sort of fandom 🤘.

I also found a really cool blog called how to geekify your workouts. This has other geeky exercises such as superhero work outs. It is worth a read for other suggestions and ideas.

Finally, I follow EverydaySuperheroTraining on Instagram – they have fitness workshops and classes involving gaming and geek fandoms. They are based in USA and I am in UK, but I still enjoy following them on Instagram and seeing their posts.

Maybe they can inspire you to add some gaming geekery in your workouts.

Instagram page of EverydaySuperHeroTraining for example of geeky exercises

These are just some examples on how I have, and how you can have, geeky exercises and have a bit of fun with something that (at least I find) otherwise is a horrible, dull, chore.

I’d love to hear if you incorporate geekiness in your work outs and your thoughts on my suggestions. What about your playlists? Got any geeky songs you can recommend me?

Until next week, stay strong everyone.

Love, Ray X

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It’s not super geeky, but I love fitness ballet classes. They are very challenging, and great for working on strength. I also found a playlist on a Broadway blog I follow that suggest musical numbers to work out to, but I haven’t given that a try yet.

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    Wow fitness ballet, That sounds like you’d need incredible strength for that!

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